Mobile Credits


THE KITCHEN SINK Sony Pictures / Robbie Pickering, Director
HERCULES 3D Millenium Films / Renny Harlin, Director
LOVE & MERCY John Wells Productions / Bill Pohlad, Director
127 HOURS Fox Searchlight / Danny Boyle, Director
CLOWN Cross Creek Pictures & Vertebra Films / John Watts, Director
THE WATCH 20th Century Fox / Akiva Schaffer, Director
ROBOT AND FRANK Park Pictures & Sony Pictures/ Jake Schreier, Director
THE THREE STOOGES 20th Century Fox / Peter & Bobby Farrelly, Directors
SUSIE’S HOPE SHTM, LLC / Jerry Rees, Director
MOVIE 43 GreeneStreet Films & Relativity / Multiple Directors
BEASTLY CBS Films / Daniel Barnz, Director
WHATS YOUR NUMBER? New Regency & 20th Century Fox / Mark Mylod, Director
THE BEAVER Summit Entertainment / Jodie Foster, Director
JACK & JILL Sony Pictures / Dennis Dugan, Director
JACKASS 3D Paramount & MTV Films / Jeff Tremaine, Director
30 MINUTES OR LESS Columbia Pictures / Ruben Fleischer, Director
I’M HERE Absolut / Spike Jonze, Director
ANGELS AND DEMONS Sony Pictures / Ron Howard, Director
BEDTIME STORIES Walt Disney Pictures / Adam Shankman, Director
THE HANGOVER Warner Bros. Pictures / Todd Phillips, Director
BITCH SLAP Bombshell Pictures / Rick Jacobson, Director
THE KILLER INSIDE ME Revolution Films / Michael Winterbottom, Director
ZOMBIELAND Sony Pictures / Ruben Fleischer, Director
BEN 10: RACE AGAINST TIME Cartoon Network / Alex Winter, Director
HAIRSPRAY New Line / Adam Shankman, Director
BLADES OF GLORY Dreamworks / Will Speck & Josh Gordon, Directors
JACKASS NUMBER 2 Paramount & MTV Films / Jeff Tremaine, Director
SMOKIN’ ACES Universal Studios / Joe Carnahan, Director
DAFT PUNK’S ELECTROMA Daft Arts / T. Bangalter & G.M. de Homem Christo, Directors
THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE Paramount / Mark Osbourn & Stephen Hillenberg, Directors
A DIRTY SHAME New Line / John Waters, Director
SEED OF CHUCKY Universal & Rogue Pictures / Don Mancini, Director
SECONDHAND LIONS Fine Line Cinema / Timothy McCanlies, Director
ADAPTATION Satellite Pictures / Spike Jonze, Director
HUMAN NATURE Good Machine & Fine Line / Michel Gondry, Director
JACKASS: THE MOVIE MTV & Paramount / Jeff Tremaine, Director
BONES New Line Cinema / Ernest Dickerson, Director
SHALLOW HAL 20th Century Fox / Peter & Bobby Farrelly, Directors
STIR OF ECHOES Artisan Entertainment / David Koepp, Director
THREE KINGS Warner Bros. / David O. Russell, Director
ME, MYSELF, AND IRENE 20th Century Fox / Peter & Bobby Farrelly, Directors
BEAN Gramercy Pictures / Mel Smith, Director
THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY 20th Century Fox / Peter & Bobby Farrelly, Directors
BATMAN AND ROBIN Warner Bros. / Joel Schumacher, Director
MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING TriStar Pictures / P.J. Hogan, Director
THE ROCK Hollywood Pictures / Michael Bay, Director
THE DOORS Tri-Star Pictures / Oliver Stone, Director
CONTACT Warner Bros. / Robert Zemeckis, Director
ADDAM’S FAMILY VALUES Paramount Pictures / Barry Sonnenfeld, Director
A CIVIL ACTION Paramount Pictures / Steven Zaillian, Director
DON JUAN DE MARCO New Line Cinema / Jeremy Leven, Director
FREAKED 20th Century Fox/ Alex Winter, Director
TITUS Clear Blue Sky Productions / Julie Taymor, Director
THE DARK BACKWARD Backward Films / Adam Rifkin, Director
CABIN BOY Touchstone Pictures / Adam Resnick, Director
LAST ACTION HERO Columbia Pictures Corporation / John McTiernan, Director
GO Columbia Pictures / Doug Liman, Director
ARMY OF DARKNESS Universal Studios / Sam Rami, Director
STUCK ON YOU 20th Century Fox / Peter & Bobby Farrelly, Directors
THE BODYGUARD Warner Bros. / Mick Jackson, Director
SPEED 20th Century Fox / Jan De Bont, Director
DARKMAN Universal Studios / Sam Raimi, Director
THE CRAFT Columbia Pictures / Andrew Fleming, Director
THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD Hemdale Films / Dan O’Bannon, Director
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Paramount Pictures / Barry Sonnenfeld, Director


VAMPIRE DIARIES (multiple episodes) CW Network / Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec, Exec. Producers
CLEAR HISTORY HBO Films / Greg Mottola, Director
PUNK’D (Series Reboot 2012) MTV Networks / Ashton Kutcher, Producer
ROB DYRDEK’S FANTASY FACTORY (multiple seasons) MTV / Jen O’Connor, Producer
BREAKING BAD (multiple episodes) AMC & High Bridge Productions / Vince Gilligan, Producer
ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Imagine & 20th Century Fox
ABC News Special: “Fat Like Me” ABC / Joe Lovett, Producer
RENO 911! (multiple episodes) Jersey Films / Tom Lennon & Robert Ben Garant
THE ROB AND BIG SHOW (multiple episodes) MTV Networks / Jeff Tremaine, Producer
10 ITEMS OR LESS: “Star Trok” TNT / John Lehr, Producer
SURFACE NBC / Pate Brothers & various
LA LA LAND (series) Showtime Networks / Marc Wootten, Producer
NFL TODAY -Halloween 2004 Episode CBS / Tony Gardner, Director
SWAMP THING (series) NBC / Multiple Directors
MTV’S “JACKASS” (multiple episodes) MTV / Spike Jonze, Producer
STEPHEN KING’S TOMMYKNOCKERS (TV Movie) ABC & Konigsberg-Sanitsky Company /
BONE CHILLERS (series) ABC / Adam Rifkin, Producer
BABY GIRL SCOTT (TV movie) CBS / John Korty, Producer
DREAM ON: Episode: “Judy and the Beast” HBO / John Landis, Director
TWIGHLIGHT ZONE: “Rod Serling’s Lost Classics” CBS / Robert Markowitz, Director
GOOD MORNING AMERICA “In Her Shoes” ABC / Dan Funk, Director
THE DARKLING (TV movie) USA Network / PoChi Leon, Director
THE TICK (series) Fox Television / Barry Sonnenfeld, Producer
ER (multiple episodes) NBC / Christopher Chulack & various
CAST A DEADLY SPELL (TV movie) HBO / Martin Campbell, Director
MAD ABOUT YOU (multiple seasons) NBC / Gordon Hunt & various
SEAQUEST:DSV (Series: Multiple episodes) Universal Television / Steven Spielberg, Exec. Producer


FARMERS INSURANCE: “Chop” and “Auto Smarts” Smuggler / Guy Shelmerdine, Director
TUMS: “Food Fight” (series of Three) Caviar Content / Peter Farrelly, Director
COKE ZERO: “Couch” Smuggler / Randy Krallman, Director
COMCAST: “Antlers” Biscuit Fims / Aaron Ruellle, Director
NHL: “Lord Stanley” DCP Productions / Don Cherel, Director
USPS: “Chicken Franchise” Smuggler / Chis Smith, Director
WISKAS: “Temptation Combos” Fur-Lined / Perlorian Bros., Directors
CAPRI SUN: “Cy-Bear Attack” Skunk/ Ne-O, Directors
SONIC: “Desserts” Biscuit Films / Aaron Ruelle, Director
NETFLIX: “Face” Smuggler / Guy Shelmerdine, Director
KNOTT’S BERRY FARM: “Farm Fresh Fun” Believe Media / Rory Kelleher, Director
GEICO: “Made of Money” (series of Three) DCP Productions / Don Cherel, Director
N.Y. LOTTERY: “Little Bit o Luck” Skunk / Ne-O, Directors
GEICO: “Thats Amazing” (Series of Three) DCP Productions / Don Cherel, Director
OLD NAVY: Funnovations Factory (series of three) Smuggler / Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick, Directors
FAGE: Yogurt (series of three) Smuggler / Psyop, Directors
NBA: “Playoffs” (series of seven) Park Pictures / Lance Acord, Director
GEICO: NFL PLAYOFFS(series of three) DCP Productions/ Don Cherel, Director
GEICO: “Cavemen” 2006 (series of four) Fur-Lined / Speck-Gordon, Director
DR. PEPPER: “Touchdown” Anonymous Content / David Kellogg, Director
WENDY’S: “Holes” Biscuit Films / Noam Murrow, Director
CAREER BUILDERS: “Carpenter” Bob Industries / Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris, Director
GEICO: Cavemen (multiple) DCP Productions / Don Cherel, Director
PG&E: “Night Light” Park Pictures / Alison Maclean, Director
MYTHBUSTERS: “BIGFOOT” Stun Creative / Rob Meltzer, Director
STAPLES: “Assembly Line” McCann Erickson, Director
SKODA: “Fat Gymnast” Biscuit Films / Noam Murrow, Director
GEICO: “Original Cavemen” (series of three) Omaha Pictures / Speck-Gordon, Director
BOOST MOBIL: “Senior Skateboarders” Team One & MJZ / Maguire & Kuntz , Director
LANDROVER: “GATOR” MJZ & UK / Fredrik Bond, Director
MIRINDA: “Alien Invasion” Palomar Pictures / Breck Eisner, Director
HEWLETT PACKARD: “Deleted Scenes” Anonymous Content / Garth Jennings, Director
EVEREADY-ENERGIZER: “Ammnesia” TBWA & Chiat Day / Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris, Dir.s
USPS: “Chicken/Franchise EDDM” Smuggler / Chris Smith, Director
EMERALD NUTS “Exaggerating Dad” Omaha Pictures / Speck-Gordon, Directors
THE GAP: “Daft Punk with Juliette Lewis” Propaganda / Paul Hunter, Director
HBO: “Grim Reaper” BBDO West / Kinka Usher, Director
NISSIN: “Cup Noodles” Open Films / Alan Munro, Director
TACO BELL: “STAR WARS Promo” RSA-USA / Allan Van Rijn, Director
JOHNSON & JOHNSON’S: “Baby” Kira Films / Jonathan Darby, Director
CATHAY PACIFIC AIRLINES: “Aliens” Tiny Film Unit / Brian Lai, Director
DR. DREADFUL: “Tyco Food Lab” Open Films / Alan Munro, Director
MATTEL TOYS: “See and Spell” Ackerman Benson Prods. / Jerry Collamer, Director
LEVIS: “New Breed” Partizan / Michel Gondry, Director
COLEMAN LANTERN: “Caveman” Sullivan, Higdon & Sink / Harry Allen, Director
NINTENDO: “Frankenstein” Ackerman-Benson / Jerry Collamer, Director
JEEP COMMANCHE: “Alien Invasion” Trettin-Rodenbush / Trettin, Director
MATTEL TOYS: “Skip Bo Toy Fair” Foote, Cone & Belding
PARTNERSHIP For A Drug Free America: “Snake” Dream Quest / Richard Hoover, Director
EUREKA BOTTLED WATER: “Swamp Monster” Jordan Associates Advertising
MATTEL TOYS: “Pounce” Ackerman Benson Prods. / Jerry Collamer, Director
GENERALI LIFE INSURANCE: “Gryphon” Generali Inc. / George Jecell, Director
FEDERAL EXPRESS: “Space Mountain Preshow” Walt Disney Theme Park / Tim Boxell, Director


THE BLACK KEYS: Music Video Warner Brothers / Reid Long, Director
SOKO: “I Thought I was an Alien” Music Video Because Music / Soko, Director
DAFT PUNK: “The Prime Time of Your Life” Video Daft Arts & Virgin / Tony Gardner, Director
FUNNY OR DIE: “FOREHEAD TITTAES” Gary Sanchez Productions / Jake Szymanski, Director
ADAM FREELAND: “Hello I Love You” Remix Video Smuggler Inc. / Happy, Directors
“PLAY DATE” Art Installation Marianne Boetsky Gallery / John Waters, Artist
SOKO ALBUM Photo Shoot Lilo Tauvao, Photographer
BJORK: “Triumph of a Heart” Music Video MJZ / Spike Jonze, Director
DAFT PUNK: “TECHNOLOGIC” Music Video Virgin / T. Bangalter & G. Homem-Christo, Directors
AngryLeprechaun.Com On-line Site & Video Clips Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
YEAH YEAH YEAHS: “Y Control” Music Video MJZ & Interscope / Spike Jonze, Director
“IMAGINATION”: Epcot Center Ride Walt Disney Theme Park Productions / In-House
PHANTOM PLANET: “Big Brat” Music Video Independent / Spike Jonze, Director
“SPIDER-MAN” (Costume R&D / Prototyping) Sony Pictures / James Atcheson, Designer
TERMINATOR 2: IN 3-D (Theme Park Ride) Universal Studios / James Cameron, Director
PAUL OAKENFOLD: “Ready, Steady, Go” Video Maverick & RSA / Georgi Laz, Director
NIKE’S “SWOOSH” (Walkaroud “Super Hero” Mascot) Nike Sports Entertainment / Bob Ringwood, Designer
88-KEYS ft. KAYNE WEST: “Stay Up!Viagra” Decon / Jason Goldwatch
TOOL: “Aenema” Music Video Zoo Records / Adam Jones, Director
IMAX: “Intel’s – The Journey Inside” Intel & Clear Bear Inc. / Barnaby Jackson
“HONEY, I SHRANK THE THEATER!” Theme Park Ride Walt Disney Theme Park Productions / Randall Kleiser, Dir.
“ALIEN ENCOUNTER” Theme Park Ride Walt Disney Theme Park Productions / Jerry Rees, Director
L.A.P.D. TRAINING VIDEO Los Angeles Police Department / In House
EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNIQUES VIDEO U.S.C. County Hospital-Medical Center / In House
SPEAK/LARK: JAPAN (Print & Billboards) Speak-Lark / Matthew Ralston, Photographer