CAPRI SUN: "Cy-Bear Attack"

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When Cy-Bears attack, little Jake McClure knows just what to do... use the Capri Sun straw to disable the rampaging giant, twelve foot tall cyborg bear, of course!
(Giant "Robot-bear" costume and performance by Alterian, Inc.)


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Your cat will love these treats so much, he won't want to let you go - or so goes the premise of this very odd commercial directed by the Perlorian Brothers that required us to build a pair of "cat boots" for the lead actor.

RADIOSHACK: The 80's Called

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Radio Shack gets a call from the 80's, and icons from the 80's invade the store and dismantle it in this popular 2014 SuperBowl commercial. Chucky circa 1988 is there along with Alf, Devo, Jason, Mary Lou Retton, Dee Snyder...and many more.

(Animatronic Chucky character by Alterian, Inc.)

127 HOURS: The Only Way Out

127 Hours: The Only Way Out

"That scene" from the feature film "127 HOURS" where James Franco (as real-life hiker Aron Ralston) realizes that the only way he will be able to free himself from his situation is to amputate his own arm. (Makeup effects by Alterian, Inc.)

(GRAPHIC CONTENT: Not appropriate for some viewers.)

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DAFT PUNK: "Instant Crush" Music Video

Daft Punk: "Insant Crush" Music Video

Daft Punk’s new video for “Instant Crush” from their “Random Access Memories” album, features Strokes singer Julian Casablancas . Part of the song takes place in a replica of a museum where a historical soldier mannequin made to look like Julian falls in love with a colonial woman mannequin. Directed by Warren Fu.

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GEICO Caveman: "Cheerleader"

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Brian Orakpo of the Washington Redskins has come through with his offer to get the Geico caveman on the football field for the big game -
Be careful what you ask for!

HAIRSPRAY: Transforming Travolta Into Turnblad


Hairspray: Edna's Eating Pie

Behind the scenes documentation of Tony Gardner and the Alterian makeup effects team's design and transformation of John Travolta into the character of Edna Turnblad for the feature film "Hairspray."

Interviews with Director Adam Shankman, John Travolta and Tony Gardner.


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CURSE OF CHUCKY: Bringing Chucky to Life

Curse of Chucky: Bringing Chucky to Life


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ZOMBIELAND: Behind the Scenes

Zombieland: Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes with the Zombies, the Cast, and Director Ruben Fleischer on the feature film "ZOMBIELAND," and learn more about how the team at Alterian, Inc. reanimated the undead.


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THE THREE STOOGES: Behind the Scenes

The Three Stooges: Behind the Scenes

A behind the scenes look at the special effects created by the artists at Alterian, Inc. for the Farrelly Brother's feature film "The Three Stooges."

Interviews with Tony Gardner, TIm Huizing, and Peter Chevako of Alterian, Inc.


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Jackass Presents: BAD GRANDPA: Official Trailer

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The official trailer for "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa," a film that follows the character of elderly Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville in prosthetic makeup) and his grandson Billy (Jackson Nicholl) across the US on a road trip.

(Makeup Effects nominated for an Academy Award for Makeup and Hair Styling, 2014.)


THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "127 HOURS," What James Franco's Severed Arm Taught Me

What James Franco’s Severed Arm Taught Me

Tony Gardner, special effects artist, on how his “127 Hours” handiwork is saving sick babies.

I thought some of the stories were hyped about people fainting during 127 Hours. Then one producer called me and said, “I went to the movies last night to check out your work, and it was quite an experience.” It turned out that somebody had passed out. I felt proud and then really guilty.

We designed about 10 different arms, each one worth about $10,000. We also designed bloodshot contact lenses and dental “plumpers” for James Franco’s face because he had lost all the weight before filming — we had to do something so his face could change. Before anything, we did a body cast and then built a couple different harnesses and could attach any of the multitude of arms to the shoulder depending on the scene. He actually had on a three-sleeve shirt because the fake arm had to come out in front of his real arm.

The main surgery arm [for the amputation scene] was loose-jointed and the one that had all the blood in it — different muscle groups and everything. It was made of aluminum and steel, then there’s foam, latex and silicone muscles. It had fibers embedded in the silicone so it would cut like muscle tissue, instead of cutting into other stuff that looks like Jell-O. It’s an arm, so you know where the veins and arteries are and where the blood will come through. Aron Ralston was so dehydrated, his blood was thicker — so it was a fairly clean process.

I got a lot of great feedback from doctors about my work in the film. So I started a business making neonatal training aids for intensive care doctors. Some kids are born with their intestines inside of their umbilical cord … and all other sorts of issues. We made a kit where you can put these prosthetic pieces on medical dummies, so doctors in training can practice in a real-life scenario. It feels good to be doing something helpful other than just entertainment.