Alterian Inc. is a Los Angeles based studio specializing in the design and creation of animatronic and prosthetic makeup effects. With over 30 years experience in feature films, commercials, television projects and live events, Alterian has established an international reputation for creating shocking and brilliantly realistic creations for the entertainment industry.

“We approach each and every project with a creative eye, and endeavor to craft effective and unique solutions to each individual character or special effect required – at times even resourcing hybrid silicones, polymers and other materials not typically used in this industry to fulfill these needs.”

At the helm of Alterian Inc. is Tony Gardner.  Gardner established the foundation for Alterian, Inc. in 1984 with the cult film classic, “The Return of the Living Dead.” The driving force behind Alterian, Gardner’s expertise ranges from practical makeup effects to sophisticated, computer-controlled animatronic characters.

Alterian’s artisans are staffed appropriately for each project at hand, and may number from a few artists to a few dozen, based on the project’s needs. Collaborating with the most creative resources in the industry to achieve the most effective result has been the cornerstone to Alterian’s ongoing success in creating interesting character and effects, be they robotic DJ’s from France encased in metallic helmets, or an Oscar-nominated “Bad Grandpa” causing mayhem in the real world.

For a list of Alterian’s credits click here.