BASEMENT JAXX: Never Say Never - Official Music Video

Official music video for Basement Jaxx's single, 'Never Say Never,' from their new album "Junto."

Directed by Saman Kesh, Co-Produced by Alterian, Inc. (Robots and Robotic Effects by Alterian, Inc.)

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Spike Jonze portrays "Gloria," an eighty-something lactating gal-pal of Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville).

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THE CRAFT: Bonnie's Therapy

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THE CRAFT: Beached Sharks

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THE CRAFT: The Mirror

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ARMY OF DARKNESS: Ash vs. Evil Ash

Army of Darkness: Ash vs. Evil Ash


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ARMY OF DARKNESS: Three Necronomicons

Poor Ash (Bruce Campbell) gets stretched to the limits trying to determine which of the three books in front of him is the real Necronomicon in this scene from Sam Raimi's "Army of Darkness."

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