SEED OF CHUCKY: Family Argument

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SEED OF CHUCKY: Chucky, Tiffany and Glen argue about their future as a family, with captive audience Jennifer Tilly and her chauffeur looking on.

SEED OF CHUCKY: Family Reunion

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SEED OF CHUCKY: The Family Business

Seed of Chucky: The Family Business


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SEED OF CHUCKY: Puppeteering

Seed of Chucky: Puppeteering

Go behind the scenes on "Seed of Chucky" and see just what's involved in bringing a killer doll to life!


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SEED OF CHUCKY: "Off With His Head"

Seed of Chucky: "Off With His Head"

In this scene from "Seed of Chucky," Chucky and Tiffany decide to eliminate special effects man Tony Gardner in a very creative way.


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