CONTACT: Robot and Headgear

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GENTLEMAN BRONCOS: Searching for Cyclops

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GENTLEMAN BRONCOS: Bronco searches out the Cyclops Sentries on his journey to protect the yeast mines.

CABIN BOY: The Figurehead

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HOCUS POCUS: Billy loses his head

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Billy Butcherson (Doug Jones) loses his head (again) while dealing with the witchy Sanderson Sisters.

(Footage property of Walt Disney Pictures.)

HOCUS POCUS: Billy Talks Back

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127 HOURS: "Assessing the Situation"

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In this scene from Danny Boyle's feature film "127 HOURS," hiker Arron Ralston (James Franco) assesses his predicament: trapped in a ravine with limited supplies and no communication.

127 HOURS: The Only Way Out

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"That scene" from the feature film "127 HOURS" where James Franco (as real-life hiker Aron Ralston) realizes that the only way he will be able to free himself from his situation is to amputate his own arm. (Makeup effects by Alterian, Inc.)

(GRAPHIC CONTENT: Not appropriate for some viewers.)

BEDTIME STORIES: Robotic Russell Brand

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In this futuristic scene from the Adam Sandler film "Bedtime Stories," we are introduced to a robotic version of Russell Brand's character, Mickey.


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ANGELS & DEMONS: The Fire Cardinal

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Another victim of "Angels & Demons' " killer.