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KATY PERRY: "Birthday" Music Video

Musician Katy Perry is transformed into "five of the world's worst Birthday entertainers" for her music video for the song "Birthday," courtesy of Alterian's makeup effects artistry.

(Her looks vary from an overweight male Bar Mitzvah DJ to a female ninety-year-old Las Vegas "dancer" named Goldie.)

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BASEMENT JAXX: Never Say Never - Official Music Video

Official music video for Basement Jaxx's single, 'Never Say Never,' from their new album "Junto."

Directed by Saman Kesh, Co-Produced by Alterian, Inc. (Robots and Robotic Effects by Alterian, Inc.)

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COPPEL: Séan Garnier as Grandfather Memo

Freestyle World Champion Sean Garnier goes undercover as an old man ("Abuelo Memo")to school some of those young folks in the art of football, courtesy Coppel, Alterian Inc., and Team S3.
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KATY PERRY: Goldie the Dancer - The Unseen Footage

Alterian transformed musician Katy Perry into five of the "World’s Worst Birthday Entertainers" for her latest music video (“Birthday”), and this additional footage just went online, which includes a time-lapse of the makeup effects transformation.
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