FX Costuming Slideshow

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A slideshow of some of Alterian, Inc.'s special effects wardrobing.

MOVIE MAGIC: Creature Makeup

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MOM AND DAD SAVE THE WORLD: Behind the Scenes with Alterian Inc.

Mom and Dad Save the World: Behind the Scenes with Alterian Inc.


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NICK THE CAVEMAN: Nick does Good Morning America

Nick the Caveman: Nick does Good Morning America


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MORBID ANGEL: God of Emptiness

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Miniature FX Slideshow

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ALTERIAN, INC. Demo Reel 2010

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Alterian Inc. Demo Reel 2010


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SEED OF CHUCKY: Puppeteering

Seed of Chucky: Puppeteering

Go behind the scenes on "Seed of Chucky" and see just what's involved in bringing a killer doll to life!


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DAFT PUNK: "Instant Crush" Music Video

Daft Punk: "Insant Crush" Music Video

Daft Punk’s new video for “Instant Crush” from their “Random Access Memories” album, features Strokes singer Julian Casablancas . Part of the song takes place in a replica of a museum where a historical soldier mannequin made to look like Julian falls in love with a colonial woman mannequin. Directed by Warren Fu.

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