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A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the makings of Magda, Puffy, and Ben Stiller's "Beans-n-Franks!"
With Makeup Effects Designer Tony Gardner and Actress Lin Shaye (Magda).

THREE KINGS: Behind the Scenes

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Access Hollywood TV show segment focusing on the realism of the makeup effects work for the feature film "Three Kings."

ZOMBIELAND: Behind the Scenes

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Go behind the scenes with the Zombies, the Cast, and Director Ruben Fleischer on the feature film "ZOMBIELAND," and learn more about how the team at Alterian, Inc. reanimated the undead.

THE THREE STOOGES: Behind the Scenes

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A behind the scenes look at the special effects created by the artists at Alterian, Inc. for the Farrelly Brother's feature film "The Three Stooges."

Interviews with Tony Gardner, TIm Huizing, and Peter Chevako of Alterian, Inc..

WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER?: Behind the scenes with Chris Pratt

Alterian transforms actor Chris Pratt into a character named Disgusting Donald for an Anna Farris film called "What's Your Number?" A full body fat suit, a mullet, and full silicone prosthetics over the actor's beard made the character a challenge, but ultimately a lot of fun!
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SHALLOW HAL: Behind the Scenes

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"Spike Jonze's I'M HERE:" Behind the Scenes

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Behind the scenes on Spike Jonze's short film, "I'm Here," a robot love story.