MOVIE 43: The Catch

Movie 43: The Catch


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MOVIE 43: Truth or Dare

Movie 43: Truth or Dare


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JACKASS NUMBER TWO: Johnny Knoxville as Irving Zisman in "Bad Grandpa" Segment

Jackass Number Two: Johnny Knoxville as Irving Zisman in "Bad Grandpa"

Johnny Knoxville in prosthetic makeup as the elderly Irving Zisman, stepping out with his grandson in this sequence titled ""Bad Grandpa" from the 2006 feature film "Jackass Number Two."

"Irving" Makeup Effects designed and created by Tony Gardner and Alterian, Inc.



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GEICO CAVEMAN: Behind the Scenes "How to Ruin a Take"

Geico Caveman: Behind the Scenes "How to Ruin a Take"


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DARKMAN: The Face of Revenge with Tony Gardner

Darkman: The Face of Revenge with Tony Gardner

Makeup Effects Designer Tony Gardner is interviewed as part of a 25 year anniversary retrospective for Sam Raimi's film "Darkman," starring Liam Neeson and Francis McDormand.


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CURSE OF CHUCKY: Bringing Chucky to Life

Curse of Chucky: Bringing Chucky to Life


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DAFT PUNK: "Behind the Helmets" Documentary

Daft Punk: "Behind the Helmets" Documentary

Tony Gardner revisits the evolution of the Daft Punk helmets and costumes in this illuminating behind the scenes interview.  This mini-documentary reveals the entire process; from the first conceptual sketches to the making of the actual helmets and the design challenges involved.


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CLOWN: Official Trailer

Trailer for the Eli Roth produced film "CLOWN," written and directed by Jon Watts, with makeup effects by Alterian, Inc.
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ROLLING STONE: Johnny Knoxville on 'Bad Grandpa' Oscar Nomination

Johnny Knoxville on 'Bad Grandpa' Oscar Nomination: 'What an Honor'

Jokes he's 'stunned' it didn't get a Best Picture nod too

Johnny Knoxville Brad Hunter/Newspix/Getty Images

Amid the many surprising Oscar nominations this morning – U2, Karen O and Christian Bale – one stood above the rest: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa could win an Academy Award in March, as lead makeup effects artist Stephen Prouty was nominated for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. In the category, the elderly transformation he and his team gave Johnny Knoxville is up against the teams behind Dallas Buyers Club and The Lone Ranger.

"What an honor that Stephen Prouty got nominated for best makeup and hairstyling for Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa," Knoxville said in a statement.  "Am I as stunned as everyone else we didn't get the nod for Best Picture? Well, of course, duh. But I won't let that take away from my happiness for Steve, Tony Gardner and our whole makeup team. Wahoo!"

When Bad Grandpa came out in October, it knocked Gravity out of the top spot on the box office, raking in an estimated $32 million in its first week. Since the movie's release, Bad Grandpa director Jeff Tremaine has moved onto another project: Mötley Crüe's biopic The Dirt. "I've been careful to make this a natural progression," Tremaine said at the time. "I've been offered a lot of scripts, but Dirt is something I pursued with everything I had. I've wanted to make this going back to 2001, when we were just planning the first Jackass movie and I found out that David Gale at MTV Films had just optioned the book."

Knoxville and the gang will find out if the movie wins an Academy Award at the ceremony on March 2nd. The show will be broadcast on ABC beginning at 7 p.m. EST.

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