GEICO: Caveman (Original)

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The caveman commercial that started it all!

GEICO: First Date Surprises

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GEICO: "Amazing Aliens!"

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One of a series of commercials from Geico's "Amazing" advertising campaign, this commercial features a family of Alterian aliens camping out and roasting marshmallows by the fire.

GEICO: "Made of Money"

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GEICO Cavemen: "So Condescending"

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Commercial #2 in the series that started it all.

GEICO Caveman: "Beginner"

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Billie Jean King helps the caveman get his backhand going.

With Billie Jean King & McManus Mack Woodend.
Written & Directed by Don Cherel

GEICO Caveman: "Cook"

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Geico caveman helps out onboard the "Dangerous Catch's" Time Bandit.

With McManus Mack Woodend
Written & Directed by Don Cherel