JOCKEY: Supporting Greatness

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MENTOS: Gorilla

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SNAPPLE: Dolphin

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ANDROID: The Sweet Search for L

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CAPRI SUN: "Cy-Bear Attack"

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When Cy-Bears attack, little Jake McClure knows just what to do... use the Capri Sun straw to disable the rampaging giant, twelve foot tall cyborg bear, of course!
(Giant "Robot-bear" costume and performance by Alterian, Inc.)


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Your cat will love these treats so much, he won't want to let you go - or so goes the premise of this very odd commercial directed by the Perlorian Brothers that required us to build a pair of "cat boots" for the lead actor.

RADIOSHACK: The 80's Called

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Radio Shack gets a call from the 80's, and icons from the 80's invade the store and dismantle it in this popular 2014 SuperBowl commercial. Chucky circa 1988 is there along with Alf, Devo, Jason, Mary Lou Retton, Dee Snyder...and many more.

(Animatronic Chucky character by Alterian, Inc.)


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