NBA PLAYOFFS: Sweetest Moments

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DR. PEPPER: Touchdown

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U.S. CELLULAR: "Reception Antlers"

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OLD NAVY: Grandma-Bot

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Discover the secret behind Old Navy's great new knitwear: the giant, loveable, sweater-knitting Grandma-Bot!

OLD NAVY: "Funnovations"

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From OLD NAVY comes this compilation of scenes from three of their commercials featuring Alterian's handiwork.

The giant, sweater-knitting "Grandmabot" robot, a camera "suit," and a giant "Grabber" claw.

OLD NAVY: Camera

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OLD NAVY: Deal Grabber

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GEICO: Caveman (Original)

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The caveman commercial that started it all!

GEICO: First Date Surprises

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GEICO: "Amazing Aliens!"

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One of a series of commercials from Geico's "Amazing" advertising campaign, this commercial features a family of Alterian aliens camping out and roasting marshmallows by the fire.