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DAFT PUNK: "Instant Crush" Music Video

Daft Punk: "Insant Crush" Music Video

Daft Punk’s new video for “Instant Crush” from their “Random Access Memories” album, features Strokes singer Julian Casablancas . Part of the song takes place in a replica of a museum where a historical soldier mannequin made to look like Julian falls in love with a colonial woman mannequin. Directed by Warren Fu.

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DAFT PUNK: "The Prime Time of Your Life" Music Video

Daft Punk: "The Prime Time of Your Life" Music Video

Written & Directed by Tony Gardner

Produced by Daft Arts

The storyline of the music video addresses the concept of the media's manipulation of beauty, and the impact that manipulation can have on one's self image. A controversial music video, it has been described as both "Beautiful social commentary" and "graphically disturbing."


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DAFT PUNK: Robot Rock

Daft Punk: Robot Rock


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DAFT PUNK: Technologic

Daft Punk: "Technologic" Music Video


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